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Disciple Band

Na medida do possível vamos acrescentando novas músicas na rádio. Atualmente estamos com 580 músicas, 2.8 GB, ou seja: 33 horas garantidas de rock sem repetição. Gostou! Então sintonize-se com a gente, participe do blog e curta no Face. E segura a onda porque tem muito mais coisa boa chegando por aí. 

God bless you brothers!!!

Banda - Música (Disco)
Saint - Crime Scene Earth (Crime Scene Earth 2.0)
Saint - Everlasting God (Crime Scene Earth 2.0)
Saint - Half A Times Measure - Terror In The Sky (Crime Scene Earth 2.0)
Sacred Warrior - Wicked Generation (Wiked Generation)
Sacred Warrior - Warriors (Wiked Generation)
Sacred Warrior - Little Secrets (Wiked Generation)
Sacred Warrior - Are You Ready - Ministery By Night (Wiked Generation)
Sacred Warrior - Famine (Rebellion)
Sacred Warrior - Rebellion (Rebellion)
Sacred Warrior - He Died (Rebellion)
Sacred Warrior - Temples On Fire (Obsessions)
Sacred Warrior - Obsessions (Obsessions)
Sacred Warrior - Sweet Memories (Obsessions)
Sacred Warrior - The Flood (Masters Command)
Sacred Warrior - Evil Lurks (Masters Command)
Sacred Warrior - Beyond The Mountain (Masters Command)
Sacred Warrior - Holy Holy Holy (Masters Command)
Sacred Warrior - Intro - Childen Of The Light - Remember Me (Live At Cornerstone)
Rob Rock - One Way Out (Rage Of Creation)
Rob Rock - Eyes Of Eternity (Eyes Of Eternity)
Relient K - Down In Flames (The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek)
Relient K - Kick Off - Pressing On (The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek)
Relient K - Deck The Halls (Deck The Halls Bruise Your Hand)
Red - Faceless (Until We Have Faces)
Red - Forever (Innocence And Instinct)
Red - Intro - Overtake You (Innocence And Instinct)
Red - Already Over (End Of Silence)
Red - Let Go (End Of Silence)
Red - Intro - Breathe Into Me (End Of Silence)
Recon - Ancient Of Days (Behind Enemy Lines)
Ponoka - Pins and Needles (Built to Fly)
Ponoka - Good Things Happen in Slow Motion (Built to Fly)
Place Vendome - My Guardian Angel (Streets Of Fire)
Place Vendome - Streets Of Fire (Streets Of Fire)
Place Vendome - I Will Be Waiting (Place Vendome)
Place Vendome - Cross The Line (Place Vendome)
Phil Keaggy - East Meets West (Music To Paint)
Phil Keaggy - Shouts Of Joy Live (Time 2)
Phil Keaggy - Hello Cleveland - John The Revelator (Time 2)
Phil Keaggy - Introduction - Ive Just Begun Again (Time 1)
Phil Keaggy - Do Lord (Time 1)
Stauros - Toda Dor (O Sentido da Vida)
Phil Keaggy - Tell Me How You Feel (Sunday's Child)
Phil Keaggy - I'm Gonna Get You Now (Sunday's Child)
Phil Keaggy - Abide With Me (Mixtape)
Phil Keaggy - Final Day (Find Me In These Fields)
Phil Keaggy - Carry On (Find Me In These Fields)
Petra - Praying Man (Wake-Up Call)
Petra - Strong Convictions (Wake-Up Call)
Petra - Lord I Lift Your Name On High (The Power Of Praise)
Petra - Jesus, Jesus, Glorious One (The Power Of Praise)
Petra - Come Now Is The Time (2 Guys From Petra)
Petra - We Fall Down (2 Guys From Petra)
Petra - Somebodys Gonna Praise (On Fire!)
Petra - Mine Field (On Fire!)
Petra - Blinded Eyes (Not Of This World)
Petra - Grave Robber (Not Of This World)
Petra - Right Place (No Doubt)
Petra - Heart Of Hero (No Doubt)
Petra - Test Of Time (Farewell)
Petra - Amazing Grace (Farewell)
Petra - Te Alabo (En Alabanza)
Petra - Cristo Glorioso Rey (En Alabanza)
Petra - Woman Don't You Know (Come And Join Us)
Petra - God Gave Rock And Roll To You - Reprise (Come And Join Us)
Petra - Beyond Belief (Beyond Belief)
Petra - Underground (Beyond Belief)
POD - Shine With Me (When Angels And Serpents Dance)
POD - Addicted (When Angels And Serpents Dance)
POD - Eyes Of A Stranger (Warriors)
POD - If It Wasnt For You (Warriors)
POD - Lie Down (The Fundamental Elements of Southtown)
POD - Greetings - Holywood (The Fundamental Elements of Southtown)
POD - Checkin Levels - Rock The Party Off (The Fundamental Elements of Southtown)
POD - Mark My Words (Testify)
POD - If You Could See Me Now (Testify)
POD - Three in the Power of One (Snuff The Punk)
POD - Snuff The Punk (Snuff The Punk)
POD - Ridiculous (Satellite)
POD - Guitarras de Amor - Portrait (Satellite)
POD - Celestial - Masterpiece Conspiracy (Satellite)
POD - Kaliforn-Eye-A - (Rhapsody Originals)
POD - Change the World (Payable on Death)
POD - I And Dentify (Payable on Death)
POD - Eternal (Payable on Death)
POD - Higher (Murdered Love)
POD - Murdered Love (Murdered Love)
POD - Eyez (Murdered Love)
POD - Youth Of The Nation (Greatest Hits)
POD - Will You (Greatest Hits)
POD - Truly Amazing (Greatest Hits)
POD - Southtown (Greatest Hits)
POD - Sleeping Awake (Greatest Hits)
POD - Satellite (Greatest Hits)
POD - Roots In Stereo (Greatest Hits)
POD - Rock The Party (Greatest Hits)
POD - Lights Out (Greatest Hits)
POD - Here We Go (Greatest Hits)
POD - Goodbye For Now (Greatest Hits)
POD - Going In Blind (Greatest Hits)
POD - Execute The Sounds (Greatest Hits)
POD - Set Your Eyes To Zion (Greatest Hits)
POD - Visions (Brown)
POD - Selah (Brown)
Oracle - Harlots Destiny (Desolate Kings)
Stryper - More Than a Man (To Hell With The Devil)
Stryper - Abyss - To Hell With The Devil - Calling On You (To Hell With The Devil)
Stryper - From Wrong to Right (The Yellow and Black Attack)
Stryper - Loudn Clear (The Yellow and Black Attack)
Stryper - Blackout (The Covering)
Stryper - Set Me Free (The Covering)
Stryper - The Rock That Makes Me Roll (Soldiers Under Comand)
Stryper - Together Forever (Soldiers Under Comand)
Stryper - I.G.W.T. (Reborn)
Stryper - 10000 Years (Reborn)
Stryper - Reborn (Reborn)
Stryper - Peace Of Mind (Murder By Pride)
Stryper - 4 Leaf Clover (Murder By Pride)
Stryper - Eclipse Of The Son (Murder By Pride)
Stryper - Free (Live)
Stryper - Makes Me Wanna Sing (Live)
Stryper - The World Of You And I (In God We Trust)
Stryper - The Reign (In God We Trust)
Stryper - Always There For You (In God We Trust)
Stryper - Two Time Woman (Against The Law)
Stryper - Lady (Against The Law)
Morellas Forest - Calling On You (A Tribute To Stryper)
Stauros - Viagem pro Ceu (O Sentido da Vida)
Stauros - A Guerra Final (O Sentido da Vida)
Metal Nobre - Volte - So Ha Um Deus (Nas Mãos do Senhor)
Metal Nobre - Apocalipse (Nas Mãos do Senhor)
Metal Nobre - Mensageiro (Nas Mãos do Senhor)
Menahem - Illusions (Illusions)
Menahem - Viagem na Imensidao (Prisões Sem Muros)
Menahem - Arrepender (Prisões Sem Muros)
Menahem - Escape (Angels and Shadows)
Menahem - Valley Of Megido - Angels and Shadows (Angels and Shadows)
Audiovision - The King Is Alive (The Calling)
Audiovision - The Calling (The Calling)
Audiovision - Keep the Fire Burning (Focus)
Audiovision - Invitation (Focus)
Oficina G3 - Intro - O Caminho (O Tempo)
Oficina G3 - Espelhos Magicos (Indiferença)
Oficina G3 - Profecias (Indiferença)
Oficina G3 - Depois da Guerra (Depois da Guerra)
Oficina G3 - Meus Passos (Depois da Guerra)
Oficina G3 - DAG - Meus Proprios Meios (Depois da Guerra)
Narnia - No Time To Lose (The Great Fall)
Narnia - War Preludium - The Countdown Has Begun (The Great Fall)
Narnia - Shelter Through The Pain (Long Live The King)
Narnia - Witch And The Lion (Desert Land)
Narnia - Curse Of A Generation (Curse Of A Generation)
Narnia - Heavenly Love (Awakening)
Narnia - The Return of Aslan (Awakening)
Narnia - The Mission (At Short Notice - Live In Germany)
Narnia - Introduction - Inner Sanctum (At Short Notice - Live In Germany)
Mortification - The Master of Reinvention (Scribe Of The Pentateuch)
Mortification - Scribe Of The Pentateuch (Scribe Of The Pentateuch)
Mortification - Extradiefor (Scribe Of The Pentateuch)
Mortification - Erasing The Goblin (Erasing The Goblin)
Mortification - Razorback (Erasing The Goblin)
Veni Domine - Shine (23.59)
Morphia - Ab Inscientia Depositus Sum (A.I.D.S.) (Unfulfilled Dreams)
Morphia - Unfullfiled Dreams (Unfulfilled Dreams)
Morphia - Of Stars And Flowers (Fading Beauty)
Morphia - Meaning of Forever 1 (Fading Beauty)
Morphia - Flashback - The Sun (Frozen Dust)
Michael Sweet - Take Me Home (Michael Sweet)
Michael Sweet - Together (Michael Sweet)
Michael Kirske - The Calling (Instant Clarity)
Michael Kirske - Be True To Yourself (Instant Clarity)
Metal Praise - Rock Of Ages (Metal Praise)
Messenger - King Of Kings (I'm Talking To You)
Megadeth - Die Dead Enough (The System Has Failed)
Megadeth - Blackmail The Universe (The System Has Failed)
Matt Hargings - Armor Of Light (Steel Armada).

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