segunda-feira, 25 de junho de 2012



12 Stones - Broken (12 Stones)
Adianstasia - Freedom Call (Life War)
Ajalon - The Illusion of Permanence (Light At The End Of The Tunnel)
Alice Cooper - It's Me (The Last Temptation)
Allies - Second Chance (Allies)
Anberlin - Retrace (New Surrender)
Apostle - Dragon Slayer - I Am Persuaded (Hymns)
Apostle - Overcomer (Metal For The Master)
Ascension Theory - Sleepers (Regeneration)
Barlow Girl - Grey (Another Journal Entry)
Barren Cross - In The Eye Of The Fire (Atomic Arena)
Barren Cross - Close To The Edge (Hotter Than Hell! Live)
Barren Cross - It's All Come True (Rock For The King)
Barren Cross - Out of Time (State of Control)
Blind - Soul Song (Never Far)
Blindside - Follow You Down (About a Burning Fire)
Blindside - Ask Me Now (The Great Depression)
Bloodgood - Scape From The Fire - (All Stand Together)
Bloodgood - demon on the Run (Bloodgood)
Bloodgood - Self-Destruction (Detonation)
Bloodgood - It's Alright (Live)
Bloodgood - Hey You (Out of The Darkness)
Bloodgood - The Presence (Rock in a Hard Place)
Bloodgood - Eat the Flesh (Shakin' The World II)
Bride - Mamma (Drop)
Bride - Hired Gun (Kinetic Faith)
Bride - Hell No (Live To Die)
Bride - Now He Is Gone (Show No Mercy)
Bride - Hot Down South Tonight (Silence Is Madness)
Bride - End of Days (Skin For Skin)
Bride - Psychedelic Super Jesus (Snakes In The Playground)
Bride - Prokofiev - Love Shine (Tsar Bomba).

Total: 299 músicas / 1,76 Gb.

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