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Aqui o rock é assim: diversificado e de primeira qualidade. Ouça e confira a qualidade musical, desde o puro white metal (Sacred Warrior, Stryper, etc.) e hard rock (Petra, Guardian), passando por sons progressivos (Ajalon, Visual Cliff) indo até estilos com nuances do punk rock e new metal (Blindside, P.O.D., Demon Hunter). Algumas bandas misturam estilos (P.O.D., Torniquet), e também há lindas baladas, tudo gospel music, claro! E não deixamos de lado as bandas clássicas, como Barren Cross, Bride, Galactic Cowboys, Narnia, Saint, etc. Além de tudo isso, aqui também tem a prata da casa: Adianstasia (Paraíba) e Ozielzinho (Maranhão) - esse pessoal toca e canta muuuuito!!! Se vc quiser, deixe um comentário ou sugestão. E tem muito mais coisa boa vindo por aí: Blood Good, Kutless, Oficina G3, REZ, Rob Rock, Stauros, Switchfoot, Theocracy, Third Day, Whitecross, etc. Porque aqui o ROCK NÃO PÁRA!

Obs.: a imagem acima é apenas uma homenagem a uma das maiores bandas de white metal de todos os tempos. God bless you Stryper!!!

A Dog's Breakfast – Tourniquet
A Love That's – Joe Christmas
A Terra - Adiastasia
Addicted (Live) - POD
Adiastasia - Adiastasia
Against The Law – Stryper
Alive Well – Matt Hargings
Alive - POD
All About Who You Know (Live) - Petra
All Fired Up - Petra
All We Are – Bride
Alone – Disciple
Always Be There – X-Sinner
Amo Al Senor - Petra
Angels We Have Heard on High – Relient K
Annihilate the Corrupt – Demon Hunter
Anything Right - POD
Armageddon – Narnia
Armed And Dangerous - Petra
Armed For Action – Eternal Ryte
Armor Of God – Faith Factor
As Is – Jillian
Ascend Unto Heaven – Faith Factor
Babylon – Soldier
Back In Red – X-Sinner
Bad Times – Glen Kaiser
Behind The Curtain – Narnia
Bema Seat - Petra
Beneath The Sand – Visual Cliff
Bittersweet - Falling Up
Black Metal – Sacred Warrior
Blue – Die Happy
Bone Doctor – Die Happy
Boom - POD
Break The Chains – Narnia
Breathe Into Me – Red
Broken Heart - Falling Up
By God – Disciple
Cadillac Phunque – Family Force
Calling The World – Divinefire
Chaos – XT
Children of The Light – Sacred Warrior
Coming Back - POD
Condescending - POD
Conquering Mind (Psalm 118) – Visual Cliff

Crash – 12 Stones
Crash – Decyfer Down
Dance (Live) - Petra
Daybreak – Visual Cliff
Descending Upon Us – Demon Hunter
Deteriorate – Demon Hunter
Diet of Worms – Echo Hollow

Disciple - Justice
Dive - DC Talk
Divine Temptation – Faith Factor
Dr. Jones & The Kings of Rhythm – Guardian
Draw Me Close - Petra
Dying Day – Barren Cross
Enter In - Petra
Evil That Men Do – Bride
Evila Si Eh – Faith Factor
Eye of The Storm – Blindside
Face of Death – Essence of Sorrow
Father – Seventh Avenue

Father of Light – Adiastasia
Feed The Machine – Red
Fire It Up – X-Sinner
Fool Me Once – Bride
Forsaken – Essence of Sorrow
From Death To Life – Divinefire
Gates of Cair Paravel - Living Water - Narnia
Get Ready - Darrel Mansfield

Ghetto - POD
Give It Up – Fear Not
God Gave Rock And Roll To You - Petra
Good News - Petra
Goodbye (Acoustic Version) – Seventh Avenue
Half A Time's Measure – Saint
Harlot Widow And – Tourniquet
He Loves You – Barren Cross
Heart of Stone – Underoath
Hell Is No Party – Messenger
Here I Am Again – Siloam
Hit You Where You Live - Petra
Hollywood - POD
Hotel Aquarium - Falling Up
I Am Not Amused – Galactic Cowboys
I Am On The Rock - Petra

I Break The Chains – Narnia
I Love You Lord – Metal Praise
I Waited For The Lord - Petra
Imaginary Music – Barren Cross
Impossible - Anberlin
In God's Shadow – Faith Factor
In Rememberance – Faith Factor
In The Battle – XT
In The Beginning – Recon
In The Night – Saint
Industrial Christ – Bride
Inner Sanctum – Narnia
Intro - Know Me - POD
Jesus Freak - DC Talk
Jesus, Jesus, Glorious One - Petra
Judas Kiss (Live) - Petra
Kaliforn Eye A (Featuring Mike Muir) - POD
Keep It True – Faith Factor
Key to Eternity – Visual Cliff
Kick-Off – Relient
Killers of The Unborn – Barren Cross
King of The Saints – Apostle
Last Chance Boogie - Darrel Mansfield
Lead Us Home – Demon Hunter
Let You Down - POD

Let The Music do The Talking - POD
Light Replaces Darkness – Faith Factor
Lights Out - POD
Like I'm Crucified – Veni Domine
Load Aim Fire – Sons of Thunder
Master's Command – Sacred Warrior
Medicine – X-Sinner
Metal Might – Bride
Midnight Oil - Petra
Mr. Rock 'N' Roll - Darrel Mansfield
My Friend (So Long) - DC Talk
Need Somebody – Eden
No Happy Endings – Sacred Warrior
No Way Back – X-Sinner
One Day - POD
Open Your Eyes – Stryper
Overtake You – Red
Passage Denied – Oracle
Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance – Torniquet
Peer Pressure – X-Sinner
Personal Savior – Bride
Plan II – Saint
Power of Love – Guardian
Pray For Japan – Golden Ressurrection
Puppet of Beauty – Sardonix
Rattlesnake – Bride
Regime Change – Disciple
Resurrection – Divinefire
Rey de Reys - Petra
Sacrifice – Crystavox
Sally - Petra
Sanctuary – Jacob's Dream
Screams of The Undead – Demon Hunter
See My Commands – Golden Ressurrection
Set It Off (Live) - POD
Shovel The Coal – Titanic
Sideshow – Alice Cooper
Sing Along Song (Live) – Stryper
Sing To The Lord – Sardonyx
Sinner's Prayer – Faith Factor
Slidin - Darrell
So Help Me God - DC Talk
Soldiers Under Command – Stryper
Southern Hospitality – Disciple
Southgate – Seventh Avenue
Southtown - POD
Spirit Song – Metal Praise
Spiritual Fire – Ajalon
State of Control – Barren Cross
Storm The Gates of Hell – Demon Hunter
Stryper – In God We Trust
Stryper Eclipse of The Son – Stryper
Supernatural - DC Talk
Surrender – Allies
Symmetry - Falling Up Mansfield
Take Up Your Cross – Guardian
Teachers - POD
Tell The Truth - Darrel Mansfield
Terror In The Sky – Saint
The Ascent – Saint
The Big Picture – Crystavox
The Calm – Bride
The Countdown Has Begun – Narnia
The Edge – Cindy Cruse
The Great Depression – Blindside
The Light Overture – Golden Ressurrection
The One Thing I Have Left – Hawk Nelson
The Rapture – Faith Factor
The Runner – Saint
The Spirit – Saint
The Way Home Back – Guardian
Think Wice - Petra
To Hell With The devil – Stryper
Too Late For Living – Saint
Troubled Times – Bride
Under The Surface – Seventh Avenue
Vanguard (Instrumental) – Apostle
Vision of The New Dawn – Divinefire
Visions (Doxology) - Not of This World - Petra
Warning – XT
Warriors – Ascension Theory
Wash – Blind
We Owe This To Ourselves - Anberlin
Who Do I Believe – Mark Pogue and Fortress
Wicked Maiden – Impellitteri
Wildfire - POD
Will You - POD
Wings of a Dream – Sacred Warrior
Would You Die For Me – Bride
Ya Mama - POD
You Got To Move - Darrell Mansfield
You Make Me Smile – Galactic Cowboys.

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